"Welcome to the Show! - The 2020-2021 season at FROM THE TOP is filled with exciting news and we are ready to perform! The theme for the year is Performance and we will do so by developing our students' performance skills as well as create more opportunities to show their dances off!  Join us today!! 

~ Helena Berggren, Creative Director


Best dance training and style diversity creating balance, assurance, and joy

Here at From the Top Dance Academy, we strive to deliver the best dance education for all ages and levels. Teaching the fundamentals, techniques and performance of different dance styles with the utmost regard for each student's individuality and right of self expression and development. Instilling confidence in our students is important to us, and together we will train, work hard and above all - have fun!

New Events!

Stay in the loop because new and exciting things are happening in 2020!

Added classes, Workshops, New products, Performances, and much more is on the schedule for this year. We will announce them as we go. Make sure you receive our emails, and check in here and on our Facebook page on a weekly basis! 

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