Dance Style Descriptions

Ages 7-12

Ballet is considered to be the foundation of all dance styles. It provides excellence in dance technique, posture, flexibility, balance, and strength. Our Ballet classes include barre and center work, progressions and choreographed dances that fits the difficulty levels of the classes. Within this category we have: Ballet, Ballet Core Technique, Pre-Pointe, and Pointe classes. 



Our Jazz and Broadway Jazz classes are a fun way to improve your dance skills. While Jazz is a dance style that challenge your musicality and fast pace movements, our Broadway Jazz classes also include a way to work on your acting skills while dancing. Straight from the Broadway Musical Stages - these classes are made to entertain! New for Summer 2020 is our Jazz on Heels class for our teen and older dancers which includes learning choreography wearing heels. All our Jazz classes enrich and extend students' technical skills through center and progression work. Skills such as extension work, leaps and turns are incorporated into choreographed routines. 


Our Hip Hop classes provide students with the latest, cutting edge jazz, funk, hip-hop and street dance styles. Dancers should expect to receive fast paced, dynamic progressions and choreography from a diversity of street styles and music. 

Hip hop dancing helps the dancers improve coordination, flexibility, body strength, and also confidence.


Our Contemporary / Modern classes help our students integrate the body-mind concept. It helps them dance with their emotions and use their body as a tool of expression through movement. Choreography mixed with improvisation is often used to help students grow and find their own voice. Contemporary and Modern use a wide range of techniques and movements that help dancers move outside of the box.


Our Commercial class is created to teach dancers how to dance in front of a camera rather than on stage - Music Video Dancing! The dancers will learn shorter street style choreography to new music and each choreography will be filmed for Social Media. It will help each dancer gain a larger social media following and will get dynamic choreography to new and fresh songs. 


One of the #1 Dance styles in Europe is Disco! And we aren't talking about John Travolta. European Disco (Also referred to as Disco Freestyle) is a fast paced dance style to techno, dance, and edm music. It challenges the dancer to build incredible balance, strength, and flexibility. Even if the music takes the dancer on a fast track, they are still to perform with leaps, jumps, turns, and pretend it ain't hard! This is also a dance style that is perfect for anyone that is looking to add some cardio into their program! Give this a try - you won't regret it!   


Lyrical is one of our dance styles that have grown termendiosuly in popularity over the last few years. It is a dance style that is based on ballet technique and extends into a more free dance style such as Jazz. The dancers will build on their technique from ballet and use it to express emotions and stories through their dancing and connect with the music. 


Ballroom Fusion is a dance style that combines the traditional dances of Cha-Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive, Pasodoble with the newer Street styles and Jazz (think: Dancing With The Stars). The outcome is a high energy, performance focused dance-style that challenge the dancers ability to shift focus, improve coordination, and musicality. This class does not require a partner.  

All tap classes build on rhythm, coordination, and musicality. We vary our tap instructons to include the old New York/Broadway style of tap and presentation with the current trends of rhythm, hoofin' and acappella tap. Each dancer will learn the tap terminology and choreography while expanding their learning to more complex and faster step combinations. 


Our young dancers received a taste of the basic dance styles: Ballet, Tap, and Jazz in this class. It is designed to build up each dancer's foundational dance technique through play and movements with music. Through different movements each dancer will develop stronger and better balance, musicality, coordination, and ability to focus. This class also includes choreograhy. 


To help our dancers improve their dance technique we have created classes that are intended just for that. In these classes they get to work extensively on their technique to build the correct muscle groups and muscle memory to perform the movements to perfection. While they will learn shorter combination, it is not a class for choreography but a class to build them up as dancers. Available technique classes: Ballet Core Technique and Jumps & Turns.  


This class is for our Toddlers. It is a fun interactive introduction to dance and movement. We use lots of fun songs and props to keep dancers engaged. Through the dance movements they not only learn basic dance choreography and will also improve their balance, coordination, left and right, and ability to learn through movement. 


Our studio is growing each year and in order to provide our student with the best dance training for their level we are implementing levels, not just age divisions. The levels are intended to help each dancer grow with the dance programs at their pace together with their peers. 

Level I - Recreational / Beginner

Our Level I Recreational and Beginner dance classes are intended for those dancers that come for fun and the joy of moving as well as beginners of that style and age level. This is a no pressure, no must, just pure fun while we are keeping it to the basics. It is also to be looked as the first step towards building on a dancer's skills and foundational platform to move into Level II classes (and beyond) once ready.

Level II - Intermediate

Our Level II Intermediate dance classes are intended for dancers that have danced for a few years and have a basic foundation of the dance technique of the dance style they are dancing in. This level is first introduced when dancers are 9 years of age. 

Level III - Advance

Our Level III Advance dance classes are intended for our advance dancers that master more advance techniques and complex movements within each dance style they are dancing in. Advanced levels are currently first introduced when dancers are 13 years of age. 

Level IV - Invitational 

Our Level IV Invitational dance classes are by invitation and/or auditions only. Classes this apply to are: Pointe, Dance Crews/Dance Teams/Competition Teams/Special Performances.