Special Invitation to Join our Student-Teacher Classes!

We know you LOVE them!!

Our very own Student-Teachers: Eve Turner, Sophie Pasnak, and Mary Grace Dempsey have grown up at the studio and evolved into wonderful dancers and performers. Alongside of their dancing journey they have also assisted in classes, taught classes themselves and over the summer they really stepped up their game! Their classes are fun and high energy—perfect for the kids!

This year we really want to highlight them as our very talented Student-Teachers!

We have just launched a new Teen Internship Program at the Studio for High School Students and these three are heading the board with Eve as their Captain. (Sophia is also in the group as a bridge between HS to College.) In this program they will host events, help in our charity outreach, and be even more present in the classrooms. It is with great excitement we introduce the classes they will be teaching this fall. We know the students loves them and so do we!!!

Movers & Shakers 3-4 Thursday, 4:15 pm Mary Grace

Movers & Shakers 3-4 Saturday, 9:00 am Sophia

Movers & Shakers 2-4 Saturday, 10:00 am Sophia

Combo 4-5 Monday, 4:00 pm Eve

Lyrical 6-8 Tuesday, 4:00 pm Mary Grace

Hip Hop 6-8 Tuesday, 6:10 pm Mary Grace

Hip Hop 6-8 Wednesday, 4:00 pm Eve

Tap 6-8 Wednesday, 4:00 pm Sophie

Jazz 6-8 Thursday, 4:00 pm Eve

Sign up for their classes at the link below—limited amount of spots!

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